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About Paper Terrestrials

Created by Yan Wei, Blake Stone-Banks and like-minded artists, Paper Terrestrials curates printmaking series by the designers and artists across China who inspire us.

The 2011 Paper Terrestrials Debut Series, includes prints by Yan Wei, Ray Lei, Tang Yan, Nod Young and Chairman Ca.

A few key points:

  • The Paper Terrestrials series is truly awesome. We have worked with some of the most exciting artists from across China, and the prints look totally rock 'n' roll.
  • All our works are archival, hand-pulled silk screen prints using high quality inks on 300g, 100% cotton-fiber, neutral Ph, acid-free, imported Somerset and Arches printmaking paper.
  • Each ships with a signed and embossed certificate of authenticity.
  • You can keep up with Paper Terrestrials artists in this website's News page, and through our monthly e-mail newsletter. Sign up at the top right corner of this page by the word "Subscribe!"
  • Any questions, here's where you'll find us:

    Paper Terrestrials
    Yan Wei
    9 Yuxin Street
    Xuanwu District
    Beijing, China 100054



Chairman Ca signs

  Chairman Ca and Yan Wei